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The Routine Eye Exam

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Eye testing is important for everyone, not just for those who need glasses!

Many eye and vision problems are not obvious in the early stages. Early diagnosis and treatment can help maintain healthy eyes and prevent vision loss. Having an assessment of the eye by an optometrist, will capture otherwise silent eye diseases, like glaucoma, to allow for timely treatment.

In addition to eye assessment, a routine eye exam can also detect various general health issues. A careful assessment of the eye structures can give a glimpse of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and neurological problems, which affect the eye as well as the whole body.

Our focus is on you and every appointment will involve understanding your needs, your eyes and related medical history. Various tests may be conducted to work out the best comfort for the visual system and assess eye disease risk factors. Tests may focus on depth perception, eye muscle movement, eye alignment, colour vision, peripheral vision, pupil response to light, best vision attainable, eye pressure and a biomicroscope assessment. 

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